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Former BOT Chairman’s Cautionary Tale on UNIOSUN Alumni Election Amidst Constitutional Concerns

Former BOT Chairman’s Cautionary Tale on UNIOSUN Alumni Election Amidst Constitutional Concerns

As the UNIOSUN Alumni Association convention and election edges closer, the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT), of the association, Mr. David Oladeji, was in a chat with uniosunupdates. In the brief chat he voiced his concerns about potential upheaval and constitutional missteps. In an exclusive exchange, he stresses the importance of a smooth process devoid of legal entanglements, given the ongoing perceived deviations from constitutional provisions by the organizing bodies.

Echoing his worries, the former chairman suggested that in a healthy association there would be far reaching repercussions for certain BOT members, as well as former NEC members, with some facing replacement and others potentially seeing affirmations of their suspensions by the associations highest decision body, the Congress, at this convention. This would potentially, serve as a deterrent for those embroiled in alleged financial mismanagement and other transgressions or plan to be involved in such as well as raise awareness on the standards of service expected of those appointed to positions or nominated as the case may be.

In a notable aside, the former chairman reveals his counsel to his friend and presidential candidate, Olasupo Bashorun. He strongly advised against running for the position in this election cycle, emphasizing the necessity of addressing structural issues through constitutional reforms and legal recourse. Despite his reservations, he wishes Bashorun the best as a friend.

Regarding another candidate, Oriola Oladipupo, the former chairman anticipates potential consequences for his purported disqualification due to a missed revalidation form. Given Oriola’s history with the association, he hopes for a delicate handling of the matter, recognizing the sensitivity of the situation.

Turning to issues surrounding the Binukonu group and allegations of power maneuvers, the former BOT chairman alludes he has been aware of such insinuations and hopes they are just rumours. He contends that implicated individuals would not jeopardize themselves in such a brazen manner, nor would they resort to desperate power grabs. He had this to say about Basit, “Well I think a man of integrity would have established beyond reasonable doubt his innocence on the allegations before putting himself forward for such a position of responsibility, however, we have a Nigerian president who is allegedly a drug-baron, so it comes as no surprise that the association which is a model of mini Nigerian politics is encumbered with such personalities”.

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Lastly, on the subject of Idris Adetunji’s persistent candidacy, the former chairman offers a light-hearted comparison to political titans. Drawing parallels to figures like Atiku Abubakar and Abraham Lincoln, he muses on Adetunji’s consistency in seeking office and suggests that this election may be his moment to shine.

In essence, the former BOT chairman’s reflections shed light on the intricacies and challenges surrounding the UNIOSUN Alumni Association election. With concerns over constitutional compliance, potential repercussions for BOT members, and the unfolding dynamics of candidate eligibility, the journey ahead remains rife with uncertainties and complexities. Only time will unveil the unfolding narrative and its impact on the association’s future trajectory.

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