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UNIOSUN Alumni Presidential Candidate, Idris Adetunji, Speaks Out Against Electoral Committee: Calls for Justice and Equity

UNIOSUN Alumni Presidential Candidate, Idris Adetunji, Speaks Out Against Electoral Committee: Calls for Justice and Equity

In the unfolding drama of the UNIOSUN Alumni Association Elections, one voice rings out with a cry for justice and equity. Idris Adetunji, popularly known as Ijoba, a doctoral candidate at the Alma Mater, Osun State university and a seasoned participant in the association’s affairs, has emerged as a vocal critic of the electoral committee’s integrity and transparency.

Idris Adetunji’s journey within the UNIOSUN Alumni Association spans years of dedicated service and unwavering commitment. Having contested the presidential position three times previously in 2016, 2018, and 2021, and still in the running for the 2024 elections, his passion for the association’s welfare is undeniable.

In a candid conversation with Adetunji, he expressed deep-seated concerns about the conduct of past elections and the apparent violations of the association’s constitution. He alleges that non-members were allowed to participate in previous elections, a claim that raises serious questions about the integrity of the electoral process under the previous committee chaired by Arisilejoye Azeez. According to him “I wrote petitions against the electoral commitee and Oris In 2021 with evidences but they refused to acknowleged my petitions”. The current electoral commitee is chaired by the same Arisilejoye Azeez. The petition is attached below.

In a short chat with him he had this to say “As for me I don’t trust the electoral commitee, I don’t believe in them that they can conduct free and fair elections because of the past. Their character is questionable and I believe they are suporting a particular candidate, Binukonu Family, headed by Basit Bashorun Olokuta and this Basit Olokuta has been alleged of diversion of association funds to personal accounts, they have spent more than 13 million naira without any tangible achievement to show for it. So what I see in them is this, they don’t want new people to emerge so that their secret will not be exposed. Thats what they are doing, that why they want their member there. Even the BOT is compromised, they deviate all the time, if they say this today, tomorrow they will change it. Is it this ones we will follow? The composition of the last NEC is comprised of individuals using the associations funds to do business.”.

Apparently, Adetunji’s scathing criticism extends beyond the electoral committee to encompass the Board of Trustees (BOT), whom he accuses of constant deviation from their responsibilities and questionable use of association funds for personal gain. He highlights the composition of the last National Executive Council (NEC), which he claims is comprised of individuals using association funds for personal business ventures.

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In the context of previous developments and allegations of conspiracy and manipulation within the electoral process, Adetunji’s words carry significant weight. His accusations of bias and corruption within the electoral committee and the BOT resonate with the concerns raised by other stakeholders about the integrity of the electoral process.

Adetunji’s call for liberation from the perceived clutches of the Binukonu Family and their allies strikes at the heart of the struggle for accountability and transparency within the UNIOSUN Alumni Association. His campaign promises to promote these values align closely with the broader narrative of demanding fairness and justice in the electoral process.

As the UNIOSUN Alumni Association Elections approach, Adetunji’s voice serves as a rallying cry for change and reform. Whether his message resonates with the broader alumni community remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – his determination to challenge the status quo and fight for a more accountable and transparent association is unwavering.

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