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Unraveling the Suspension of the National Executive Council (NEC) in Osun State University Alumni Association

Unraveling the Suspension of the National Executive Council (NEC) in Osun State University Alumni Association

In a recent turn of events, the Alumni Association of an OSUAA institution found itself in a state of upheaval as the Board of Trustees (BOT) announced the suspension of the National Executive Council (NEC). This bold move, allegedly grounded in constitutional backing and serious allegations, has sparked discussions and speculations among the members. This article aims to dissect the key points from the official letters and provide insights into the reasons and implications of the NEC’s suspension. The whitepaper from the trustees is downloadable here:

The Disciplinary Committee Report

The saga began when concerned financial members of the association lodged a petition alleging financial misappropriation and constitutional breaches against certain NEC members. In response to these grave accusations, the BOT established a 5-man Disciplinary Committee charged with the responsibility of investigating the allegations and providing a detailed report within two weeks.

The BOT, having reviewed the Disciplinary Committee’s report and conducted further investigations, made several bold and consequential decisions:

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  1. Immediate Dissolution of NEC: The BOT invoked specific sections of the association’s constitution to dissolve the NEC. This move was primarily attributed to the NEC’s disobedience of BOT’s instructions on various matters, including a campus tour, fund withdrawal, fund transfer without approval, and failure to notify the BOT about funds received from the university management.
  2. Post-No-Debit on Association Accounts: All accounts operated by the association are now under a “Post-No-Debit” status. This means that no withdrawals can be made until the suspension is lifted, and all properties previously held by NEC members are to be handed over to the Alumni Secretariat.
  3. Suspension of Key Officers: The President, General Secretary, Legal Adviser, and National Treasurer have been suspended pending further investigations into the use of funds. They have been given a two-week ultimatum to provide bank statements that account for the received funds.
  4. Postponement of Congress/Elections: The forthcoming Congress/Elections have been postponed, and a fresh election will be conducted within the required timeframe according to the association’s constitution.
  5. Formation of Caretaker Committee: A Caretaker Committee (CTC) is being established with various mandates, including drafting a new constitution, setting up an Alumni Website/Portal, conducting an external audit, and organizing a congress and election within 90 days.

The official letter enumerates several reasons for their conclusions:

  1. Security Threats: Concerns were raised about security threats in the buildup to the Convention/Election, potentially endangering lives and properties.
  2. Financial Membership Interpretation: The interpretation of financial membership was disputed, causing doubts about who should have voting rights and be eligible for office.
  3. Constitutional Limitations: The constitution’s limitations were also scrutinized, particularly a clause allowing only those who have attended two congresses to contest.
  4. Accountability and Recourse: The suspended NEC members who are recontesting must exonerate themselves and show reasons why further disciplinary actions should not be taken.
  5. Constitution Review: A comprehensive constitution review is deemed necessary to prevent such crises in the future and improve the association’s structure.

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