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Engr. Olasupo promises to challenge UNIOSUN Alumni election, says it was marred with electoral irregularities

Engr. Olasupo promises to challenge UNIOSUN Alumni election, says it was marred with electoral irregularities

A presidential candidate and leader of the revilisation group has said the uniosun alumni association electoral process conducted on the 27th of April, 2024 was marred with irregularities and he would be challenging it. Earlier a correspondent I’m a conversation with Engr. Olasupo confirmed that he had already being to court ahead of the elections. He was reported to have opted to boycott the elections instead of presenting his manifesto when he was called upon claiming that there were irregularities including his name not being on the voters list. Our correspondent also confirmed that quite a number of allegedly eligible voters were not allowed to vote because their names were not on the list used. Engr. Olasupo took to the association’s WhatsApp group to deliver a message to his supporters and the membership of the association as a whole.

Dear Alumni family,

I want to believe we are all back at our Anchor point, hope the journey wasn’t too stressful? Yesterday’s convention filled me with tremendous joy and feeling of elation as I was pleased to finally meet many of you personally, to network and interact. A friend once told me “YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NETWORTH”, let continue to connect and increase our reach.

The activities of yesterday have shown that if we maintain our interest, and pull together our resources, we can yield a positive future and steer the association back on track.
To achieve this however, we must embrace our diversity and shun belligerent acts.

Think of this alumni association as a tree planted in the village square, it is only beneficial when we nuture it and let it grow. The more we care for it, the more the shed it will provide and the fruits it will bear. Eventually these fruits end up as seeds that will grow into trees which can be planted in each compound. If it doesn’t grow then the benefits are shrinked and the entire village may be fighting to pluck the unripe fruit further limiting the growth and potential of the tree.

Like our dear country with the Six Geopolitical zones, our alma mater has Six campuses, this gives me the belief as an Awoist that if OSUAA can work… Nigeria can, hence my immense passion for the association! I was pleased with the enthusiasm I saw with the participation yesterday, so yes we can make it work but we need to do it right. What is to be done right should be done rightly!

My intention to contest for the alumni association is because I believe that my value as an individual will contribute to the office of the president rather than seek for the stool to elevate my societal status. My sincere gratitude to those that believe in our goals and capacity to deliver the manifesto!
My appreciation to the members that left their coffers of comfort to be present and support the cause. We will revitalise this association!

The actions of the CTC/EC to deprive financial members their voting right is an act that has tainted a pivotal day for our dear association. Undermining democratic principles by adopting voters suppression, Gerrymandering and ultimately disenfranchisement of financial members. Do take note that seeking redress is only fair to the future of the alumni as we do not know which goose will lay the golden egg.

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I say a prayer for the ones we’ve lost and hope to share beautiful memories with this Alumni family.
God bless you all!

Greatest OSUNITES!

ENGR Bashorun Olasupo Ridwan.
Civil Engineering
Class of 2013

More updates on this as the story unfolds.

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