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UNIOSUN Alumni Chronicles: The Enigma of Oriola Oladipupo’s Redemption Quest, A tale of intrigue and image laundering?

UNIOSUN Alumni Chronicles: The Enigma of Oriola Oladipupo’s Redemption Quest, A tale of intrigue and image laundering?

By Ila Badmus Mackavelli

October 17, 2023

In the heart of Osun State, a story of alumni association intrigue unfolds – one that could have far-reaching implications, particularly as one of the central figures, Oriola Oladipupo, reportedly eyes a foray into public office. This riveting narrative is a convergence of power struggles, defamation, and a bid for redemption.
In a dramatic turn of events, the Osun State University Alumni Association finds itself mired in a controversy that has raised questions about its former embattled President, Oriola Oladipupo. Oriola, whose tumultuous 2-year tenure came to an end sometime between April and May 2023, shortly after he was suspended by the Board of Trustees over allegations of misappropriation and mismanagement has faced unrelated serious allegations of disrupting the electoral process in the association back in 2018. While Oriola sought to vindicate himself, a feud with former Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman, David Oladeji, intensified the situation. Their dispute took a sudden twist as they were set to face off in court, raising questions about the veracity of these allegations.

The UNIOSUN Alumni Association: A Tale of Controversy

UNIOSUN Alumni Association, also known as OSUAA, is a vibrant community of alumni from Osun State University. Over the years, this group has found itself embroiled in controversy, with persistent allegations surrounding its now-former President, Oriola Oladipupo. The recurrent accusations of disrupting the association’s electoral processes in 2018 have cast a long shadow over Oriola’s leadership. Amid the tumultuous backdrop, David Oladeji, the former BOT Chairman, called for action against Oriola and rallied for his disqualification in the suspended April 2023 Convention/election and the subsequently canceled September 2023 convention/election. Both scheduled events were postponed by the BOT and CTC citing security concerns or high tensions in the association.

Oriola’s Political Aspirations and Image Laundering?

Oriola’s apparent bid for public office as well as possible involvement in higher-staked politics seems to have prompted a calculated image-laundering effort. This includes attempts to address the allegations of electoral interference. In an intriguing move, he filed a petition accusing multiple individuals, with David Oladeji at the forefront. The petition filed is attached below:

A History of Accusations and Conflicts

In his petition dated April 10, 2023, Oriola accused David Oladeji, Mojeed Oyedeji, and Saheed of criminal defamation and peddling falsehood with the intent to incite members of the UNIOSUN Alumni Association. The allegations against David were particularly incendiary, including claims of cyberbullying related to David’s statement that Oriola had brought thugs to a past congress. David claims to have refuted most of the accusations in Oriola’s petition.

While multiple individuals were addressed in the petition, it seems David was the sole focus of Oriola’s legal actions. Other implicated individuals may not have been contacted at all, prompting questions about the nature of the accusations and whether they were targeted at just a specific individual.

Refuting Accusations and David’s Persistent Calls

David, a vocal figure in the UNIOSUN Alumni Association, has consistently called for action against Oriola through various alumni association platforms. In his defense, he has refuted most of the accusations in Oriola’s petition, except for the allegation related to cyberbullying.

A Sudden Turn of Events

In an unexpected development, David Oladeji, who had been at the forefront of the allegations against Oriola, found himself under scrutiny. On the 10th of October, 2023, David was summoned by the state CID in Osogbo, he claims to have obliged the call all the way from his base in Ibadan, following a petition filed by Oriola.

However, just as the case was about to proceed to court on the morning of the 11th of October, 2023, the two former alumni association figures unexpectedly reached a settlement. David Oladeji issued a public apology, effectively bringing an end to the legal battle, as evidenced by a screenshot of the apology.

Rumors circulated that the police may have been induced to detain David Oladeji. However, these attempts seem to have been thwarted through interventions from undisclosed sources. The exact motivations and details behind these allegations remain shrouded in mystery.

Down memory lane: Police Assistance or Intervention?

See Also

A critical revelation emerged from a screenshot of the 2018 electoral committee’s report. This report indicated that the police played a role in removing miscreants and thugs from an event in the past. This revelation casts a new light on the events, the report states that the police were summoned as a matter of emergency to prevent a total collapse of law and order. Further intrigue surrounds the electoral committee’s chairman, who reportedly distributed two versions of the electoral report, one with detailed information and the other with crucial details omitted. Specimen A and B below show one of the major differences.

Figure A: A copy of the electoral report as obtained by correspondent

Figure B: Another copy of same electoral report as obtained by correspondent
Unanswered Questions Abound

The swift resolution of this conflict between Oriola and David has left many questions unanswered. It is important to note that the correspondent has conducted extensive research and gathered opinions from various alumni association members who were present during the 2018 elections. These members, it is reported, were willing to corroborate David’s account and have access to documents from the electoral committee that confirm the disruptions and the presence of thugs on that fateful day.

Did the sudden settlement imply that the events of 2018 never transpired, or was it a strategic maneuver to prevent potentially damaging revelations? What does this mean for David’s accusations of cyberbullying and the claims that Oriola brought thugs? The story raises broader questions about the transparency of the UNIOSUN Alumni Association’s leadership and elections, as well as the potential for behind-the-scenes manipulations.

As the story unfolds, it continues to capture the attention of UNIOSUN alumni and the wider community. It’s a narrative that explores the intricacies of power, politics, and personal ambition within a prominent alumni association. The truth behind this intriguing saga remains elusive, and further developments will undoubtedly be closely monitored.

In Conclusion

The UNIOSUN Alumni Chronicles brings you the latest on this developing story. Stay tuned as we dig deeper into the labyrinth of allegations and image laundering, unraveling a story that has gripped our alumni community.

[Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official stance of UNIOSUNUpdates.]

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