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UNIOSUN Alumni Congress 2024: program of events and election preparations

UNIOSUN Alumni Congress 2024: program of events and election preparations

From the desk of the caretaker commitee chairman

“Fellow Alumni,

Tomorrow is here and as we approach the forthcoming Convention/Election, the CTC urge you to remain calm and composed. It is essential to exercise your right to vote and have a say in the leadership of our association. We encourage you to come out and cast your ballot for your preferred candidates, without fear or intimidation. Your vote matters, and every voice counts. Let us work together to build a stronger and more vibrant Alumni community.

The following is the Agenda for the Convention and timing for each:

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  1. Opening prayer 10:00-10:05am
  2. ⁠UNIOSUN Anthem10:05-10:10am
  3. ⁠Introduction of BOT Members 10:10-10:15am
  4. ⁠Introduction of CTC Members 10:15-10:20am
  5. ⁠CTC Chairman’s welcome address 10:20-10:30am
  6. ⁠BOT Chairman’s keynote address 10:30-10:40am
  7. ⁠Motion for the Commencement of Convention
  8. ⁠Reading of the last minute 10:45-10:50am
  9. ⁠Adoption of the last minute10:50-10:55am
  10. ⁠Matters Arising12:00-12:40pm
  11. ⁠AOB12:40- 1:00pm
  12. Electoral Tribunal 1:00- 1:15pm
  13. Manifesto1:15- 2:30pm
  14. Election(Registered Financial Members) 2:30-4:00pm
  15. Motion for Adjournment 4:00-4:05pm
  16. ⁠Closing prayer 4:05pm

Hoping to see you tomorrow for a happy Convention. Wish you all a safe trip down by God’s grace.

Chairman, CTC.

The electoral commitee also in a bid to show preparedness released pictures of election materials on the association whatsapp groups

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